The Prodyn separation product line can be divided in two categories

Multi-phase separation equipment

Crude oil consisting of crude mix [ gas, oil, water, sand etc.] flows into the multi-phase separator. At the inlet of the separator, the crude mix flows through an inlet device. There are many types of inlet devices available in the industry. Most commonly used are deflector type, half open type, vane type and cyclonic type. The selection of the type of inlet device depends on many parameters including momentum reduction, anti-foaming characteristic etc. The inlet device performs the primary separation where the liquids impinge on the walls of the separator. The gas moves up along the length/height of the separator to the gas outlet device.

The liquids move along at the bottom of the separator towards the liquid outlets. Depending on the application, a 2 phase or a 3 phase separator can be designed. For a two phase vessel no additional separation enhancers are required. However, for a three phase separator additional coalescing device is required.. Calming baffles can be added as necessary to evenly distribute the turbulent liquids along the height of the liquid section.

Gas liquid Separation

Similar to Multi-phase separation equipment, the crude oil mix enters the vessel [either vertical or horizontal] at the inlet where it meets Prodyn’s inlet device. The liquids drop to the bottom of the vessel and drained via liquid outlet nozzle. The mist in the gas phase is trapped in the gas outlet device such as wire demister or vane type outlet device.


• Scrubbers [Gas/Liquid]

• Scrubbers [Gas/Solid]

• Filter Separators {Gas/Liquid}

• Filter Separators[ Gas/Solid]

• 3 phase separators [Gas/Oil/Water]

• 2 phase Separators [Oil/Water]

• Knock out Drums [Gas/Liquid]


• Half open pipe

• Vane type inlet device

• Calming Baffles

• Coalescing plate packs

• Demisting mesh pad

• Vane type demister

• Cyclonic inlet and outlet devices