ProDyn is a global provider of engineering design services to various engineering/manufacturing verticals in the oil and gas industry. Serving clients in general engineering and Customized Skid packages in the oil and gas industry. The company also has a center of excellence in Chennai, India to provide additional support to its global customers. ProDyn Engineering has a strong team of engineers and designers with a mindset on quality and service. The broad-based expertise and flexibility of the resources allows ProDyn to offer multi-disciplinary engineering services in its 5 business lines – Engineering, Consulting, Innovation, Resources and Content.


To be a leading solutions provider in the oil and gas markets, acknowledged for setting professional standards in all our business activities and for creating value for our clients


ProDyn’s mission is to partner with its clients to satisfy their engineering design needs through reliable, high-quality and flexible service models.


• Engineering and Design (process and mechanical)
• Project Management
• Procurement
• Construction Management
• Start up and Commissioning
• Site Audits, including troubleshooting and system upgrades
• Engineering Workshops & Training
• Process engineering design support for package fabrication companies.
• Supply of critical process internals with process guarantee

ProDyn’s engineers have been working in the field of Oil & Gas for up to 20 years. Our engineers have been continuously involved in every aspect of the core technologies, including research and development, detailed design, equipment manufacture, commissioning and operation. With our comprehensive experience and knowledge we are able to offer a complete range of engineering services. ProDyn provides full process guarantee with all our process designs, internals and packaged equipment.